Catherine Taron
Vancouver Island Visual Artist

Silent Passage

10.5" x 15" watercolour on 300# Arches cold-pressed paper (SOLD)

With this watercolour, I was exploring the capture of bright, glaring sunlight—the type that, when an object like an arbutus tree is between you and the sun, some part of it visually disappears. Now, I don’t recommend you ever look directly into the sun, and I didn’t for this painting; it is of my imagination, but includes the familiar-to-me backdrop of Maple Bay and the distant contour of Salt Spring Island, with some artistic license. I decided to add orca whales and then, quite serendipitously, learned there were orca sightings 'down in the Bay'. I love when that happens! It makes me feel that I’m in some ‘flow’ of the earth’s mysteries! I am so fortunate to live on the west coast of British Columbia.