Catherine Taron
Vancouver Island Visual Artist

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Love your work. I too enjoy photographing the landscape of the Cowichan Valley. I also have a degree in geography from McMaster University. Enjoy!
John Falloon - 5 Aug 2023
I was really impressed with your paintings! Thankyou for pointing me to your website, and it was awesome seeing you again today.
Laurie Wiley - 21 Jul 2019 wonderful to see your beautiful paintings and be transported to your creative world. Your lovely spirit comes shining through.I hope we meet up again one day my old friend.
Kathy Lagasse - 4 May 2019
Your work is beautiful. Very inspiring. Good luck with your studio open house. I'm on the mainland or I would drop by.
Marilyn Atkey - 30 Jun 2018
Catherine, I decided to visit your web page after our chat this afternoon. Of course I know you. The two paintings of Cherry Point - the one you did for Karen's poem and the other, brought back such happy memories of walking there with a dear friend. Thank you for those and your other art work. Pat Scanlan, 23/11/17
Pat Scanlan - 23 Nov 2017
Beautiful work, Catherine. I look forward to coming out and seeing it in person some day!
Bonny Beswick - 23 Dec 2015
Enjoyed meeting you again at the CVAC outing at Sharon's and will try to get up to your outing in Ladysmith this weekend. What a wonderful site you have here. Gives me nudges to get going on my own internet presence.
Arlie Richards - 18 Aug 2015
Your work encourages me to try water colour again. I hope I can make it to Ladysmith for the art walk. Maybe I can loan a wheel chair for the day. I will check into this.
Kate Richardson - 16 Aug 2015
I like the trickster Raven and the moon. Keep the works coming
Stephanie Denis - 28 Jan 2015
I think all your work is terrific and I hope you decide to paint more birds. As you know, crows and ravens have a very significant place in both First Nations culture and Vancouver Island ecology. Maybe painting crows and/or ravens could be a project to explore some day.
Ian Hatter - 25 Aug 2014
Thank you for sharing your artistic talents with the world. The heart and soul of your landscapes, playscapes and linescapes emerge and delight.
Jenny Feick - 25 Aug 2014
Catherine ~ what a pleasure to touch base with you. I absolutely love your work! It is beautiful! I also love the stories you add and all the links to saving our environment and animals and the quotes you have used....thank you so much for sharing. You are amazing! L
Linda Charlton - 17 Jul 2014
Hi Catherine, I enjoyed my walk through your lovely artwork very much. The added touch of choosing quotes to go along with some of the pieces is wonderful, and the descriptions you yourself have written beneath each painting are a delight. Thank you for letting me into your world. :)
Susan Dougan - 12 Mar 2014
I think "Night Shift" might be my favourite so far . .I love the color and the movement.
Sandy Haugen - 26 Feb 2014
It's exciting to see your art career starting to take off, Catherine. Your paintings and descriptive prose bring back so many great memories of the Pacific Rim, Chesterman Beach and Long Beach. I've walked out to Frank Island at low tide and it is as you portray it. Keep up the great work.
Gary Huber - 19 Feb 2014
Ah! Gorgeous paintings. How beautiful. Thank you.
Elizabeth Cameron - 7 Feb 2014
I am intrigued by your "Play" category of paintings. I would like to see more of these!!
Sandy Haugen - 14 Jan 2014
Your work is amazing Catherine! All the best for much success.
Kathy Barlow - 22 Dec 2013
Wonderful art! Love the soft colours...great website !
Terese M Erickson - 13 Dec 2013
Your artwork is breath-taking.I found myself carried away to beautiful memories of places and people I care about. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of the world!
Sue Poulsen - 26 Nov 2013
Congratulations on you wonderful website. I could feel the ocean spray and hear the surf roar.
Edie Fishlock - 1 Nov 2013
I love your work and hope you give doing your wonderful coastal art
Stephanie Denis - 1 Nov 2013
beautiful work. looking forward to seeing more.
jennifer mountain - 1 Nov 2013
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