Catherine Taron
Vancouver Island Visual Artist

Sandhill Creek

9" x 11" original watercolour on 140# Arches cold-pressed paper

I painted this picture as a gift for my sister, who has always encouraged me to paint. It is a replacement of a similiar painting I did in the 1980s, and she purchased at a Port Alberni gallery. She recently dropped the first one, breaking the glass, and asked me if I could reframe it. With the passage of years and some experience since I did the first one, I decided the first effort was terrible and painted her a new one.

The subject, Sandhill Creek, meets the ocean at the area known as Comber's, just south of Green Point on Long Beach. In the 80s, I would walk from the beach, over the sand berm and beach logs that protected the creek; there, it flowed quietly before meeting the ocean's full energy and was a great place to view Trumpter swans. Today, much has changed due to considerable shore erosion.